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Falmouth October 2020

Hi all, just a quick one this time.

This trip was about 12 month in the planning from the first time I chatted with Mark Milburn, of Atlantic Scuba, at the NEC Dive Show 2019 to actually going.

Mark delivered on everything he promised and more besides, hopefully more to come.

Great location, fabulous dive sites, experienced and knowledgeable Skipper and great hospitality on the boat from his partner Ruth. Hot chocolate on tap just about.

Mark, Geoff and Thomas made one dive team.

Pre dive planning?

While Chris and I maintained the usual girl team.

Easily entertained.

We were diving a variety of sites including wrecks SS Mohegan at the Manacles, the NG Petersen at Falmouth Bay and the sv Hera at Veryan Bay. We also dived pinnacles at the Manacles, a couple of sites at the Bizzies Reef in Gerrans Bay, entertainingly named The Baps and The Crack (easy to see why on the GPS plotter) and the East Narrows Wall at the Carrick Roads area. This area is home to the Maerl beds, calcified red seaweed that is home to an array of lots of different sea creatures.

We were all pleased to have seen different varieties of fish, from the small Leopard-Spotted Goby to large Bull Huss. Very large Edible crab, Crayfish, Lobster and a Queen Scallop, to Cuttlefish, Conger and Octopus. Even watched a Tub Gurnard flying and spotted a Grey Gurnard. We were informed that Thornback Ray’s were also spotted on one dive, more for next time we think.

Leopard-Spotted Goby.

Sleeping Bull Huss.


Tub Gurnard.

A veritable garden of soft and hard corals including the rare Pink Sea Fans to Potato Crisp Bryozoan, minuteĀ  individual Jewel Anemones to large clusters of them with their tentacles out, and Star Fish in many forms. Geoff also named on the “Banana Star Fish”, someone help us please.

Banana Star Fish!

Potato Crisp Bryozoan.

We were joined by some other divers on a daily basis and everyone was lovely and chatty. Fabulous trip for a first outing and more dive sites to explore, we hope. Maybe even the actual Fraggle Rock. Those of you under a certain age will not appreciate this!

Down at Fraggle Rock yeah!

Lot’s more chatter, video’s and photo’s available for the asking.

Hope you enjoyed our first look at Falmouth.