A look back at 2018

Hi to all Aquanaut’s, friend’s and families, I just wanted to write a few lines to share with you all a fantastic year’s diving and success stories along the way.

We started back in January last year for Stuart and Cate to complete their Open Water Assessments in the cold waters of Capernwray quarry. They had been building on the theory and pool training all for this one day, which of course they passed fortunately, as they were due on holiday to Bali for Cate’s BIG birthday. Geoff, Janine, Mark and Christine were also there to support and assess and Geoff was building experience towards his Dive Leader.


Pool training continues every month, even if we don’t have student’s or try divers as it is good practice with our kit and buoyancy, or other new skills!

January saw some Aquanauts rocking it out in Howden at a Bon Giovi tribute then again at a Blondie tribute in February. So even if we are not diving we try to hold other social events.

We returned to Capernwray in March with Val, Mark, Geoff, John, Chris and Janine to continue Dive Leader programme and kit testing. Still a bit cold though, hot tea and bacon butties were readily available, thanks Darren.

Unfortunately the Eyemouth trip at the beginning of April was cancelled due to the weather, all things considered this was fortunate as at least half of the club had a cold. But later on in the month Jim, of Marine Quest, was able to accommodate us and  Val, Geoff, Mark and Janine had some stunning dives, if not a little cold, but bright and sunny and the continuation of wild camping.

Not a lot of fish about but the soft corals were picturesque.

Back in the pool again we had more juniors trying the under water experience.

Maybe future members?

Early May saw us heading  “up North” to Seahouses. We were skippered by Mikey of William Sheils Glad Tidings fame, so chatter and laughter was the order of the day. Mark, Janine, Christine, John H, Val, John D and Katie L and Harrison joined us on their first boat dive with us. We found one or two small dry suit leaks that day and a serious case of someone who needed to sit under a tree! But all ended on a good note.

Later in May we headed south to Weymouth to board MV Salutay to dive with Freda and Al and some of the Rothwell SAA members joined us to dive the Channel Islands on a series of wreck and reefs. The weather God’s were on our side that week as we only spent one day in a pub! and that was on our return to Alderney, after a glorious time at Guernsey, Jersey and Sark. Each Island having it’s own microcosm of under water delights. Kitting up was the hardest but it was a pleasure to jump in the water, with or without a mask! Sorry no photo evidence but ask around!



We returned to Capernwray at the beginning of June for Val to complete her Dive Leader assessments, congratulations to you. Mark dived with Stuart, Janine and Cate to practice reel and DSMB work and compass work ahead of the Eyemouth trip. John D was trying more kit out! led by Val.

9th of June we were crossing the Scottish Borders to Eyemouth again. Val, Geoff, Mark and Janine were all diving with Jim off Silver Sky. We visited some old favourite sites and some new ones. the sea was amazingly clear and very fortunate too as Mark lost his new camera, exploring some squid eggs,  but was picked up on the surface by Jim, many, many thanks.

Stuart and Cate joined us on the 16th June at the Farne Islands, Happy Birthday Chris. We were also joined by some old friends from SAA Ackworth club so a good day was had by all. Stuart dived with Mark and Cate with Chris which left Janine and Val to have a good rummage for some close up photography and sure enough the first Nudibranch was spotted.

Mark and Stuart

Chris and Cate


The following week Mark, John H, Val, John D, Martin and Janine went to the Isle of Man along with Mike, Sarah, Geoff and Doc from Rothwell. Again there was everything on display from giant Conger to tiny Nudi’s, reef, wrecks and pinnacles but sadly no Basking Shark’s this time. Ah well, have to do another trip maybe?

The final weekend in June Chris, Geoff, Harrison, Mark and Katie L dived the Farne Islands. No two sites are the same and each has it’s own special topography. The weather was nice and sunny and the sea calm, sadly Kate, despite declaring being fabulous and fit to dive, still fell foul of the Mal de mer.

Phew what a busy time June was, however we still had more pool training with 2 new students, Nikky and Thomas and chance to catch another theatre show, Wicked….brilliant.

July saw us in Capernwray as Stuart, Cate and Kate T had new kit to try. Katie L and Luke wanted a leisure dive and Mark and Janine were leaders/support. The day was overcast and raining but at least all went well and another couple of dry suit repairs were identified, prior to an upcoming sea trip.

At the beginning of August Val, Geoff, Mark, Stuart, Janine and Cate were back in Eyemouth with Jim of marine Quest, we were treated to some stunning scenery above and below the waters at fast Castle, Ebb Carrs, East Hurkers and the wreck of the Mauritania on the Hurker rocks.


plus and added bonus of the Herring Queen procession through town and fireworks.


now you don’t get that on every dive trip!


Also Mark and Darren had time for a spot of fishing, well done Darren (and filleted by Mark).

We visited Capernwray a couple of times in August for leisure and skills assessment dives. Martin, Janine, Mark, Val, Chloe, Stuart, Cate & Thomas plus family went on the 26th. Congratulations Thomas on your ELD practical. Then on the 31 Chloe, Cate, Janine, Thomas, Nicky and Mark went for Nikky’s practical assessment, well done too. Both days were really great and a lot was gained for a lot of leisure divers too, racking up their hours.

Also during August Selby Aquanauts club donated £50 to the charity Alzheimer’s as Val and Darren plus some of their family were undertaking the sponsored walk.

Saturday 1st September then saw some of us rocking again at an AC/DC tribute band, WOW what a fantastic end to the weekend.

So what turned out to be our last dive trip of the year was to Plymouth, in September, diving with In-Deep. A special weekend for all  of us, good diving, good food, good company and yes we did it again, played darts! James was a fantastic skipper for us with some good crew too, an absolute must to make a magical weekend.

Well we had a blast, above and below!



Sadly the next couple of trips were cancelled due to the weather however we still meet managed a whole lot of leisure time from The Full Monty, The Bank Robbery that went wrong, the NEC dive show, Thin Lizzie and Pink Floyd tributes, Roy Wood and a wonderful Xmas meal. Just when the nativity and panto season has done it’s round we are off again to the Dr. Feelgood experience and all before Christmas.

So things don’t stop there, monthly pool training, theory training as we now have 5 students almost ready for their OWD practical and 2 for Club Diver and I feel confident enough to say we will have another couple of Dive Leaders later on this year.

Oh and of course let’s not forget the social side, theatre, music, and of course the weekly social. Hope to meet up with you all again soon and have enjoyed some of this years dives and events.












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  1. Val says:

    What a fabulous report.the memories came flooding back and l enjoyed it very much.heres to 2019.well done Janine you did good.

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