First dive of the year.

What a turnout for our first dive of the year. Mark, Janine, Christine, Geoff, Martin, Cate, Stuart, Chloe, Nikky and Thomas all wanting to have a dive for various reasons. Some had new kit to test, others had kit that hadn’t seen the water since last year to test. Some wanted to build on existing skills while some went for the fun of diving.

Now you may question our sanity, as the water was a cool 7 degree’s, 8 on some computers but at that temperature we will not quibble, it still felt cold, trust me.

Cate and Stuart are working towards their Club Diver certificate and wanted to practice on reel and DSMB work, which they completed successfully, supported by Geoff. Cate also had her first taste at Dive Marshall.

Sadly the cold waters of the lake managed to find one or two holes in dry suits which meant that Thomas and Chloe were unable to undertake their practical assessments for Open Water Diver. Nikky brazened it out for a while but found the cold too overwhelming in the end, however she did complete the “inversion” part of the skills very well.

Following a warm brew some of us kitted up again for another dive but we left Chloe and Thomas warming up in the dry. Nikky wanted to have a go at decent down a shot line but it was evident that she was too cold as we reached the 4 metre mark, so we aborted our dive. Geoff went off with Stuart and Cate again for more DSMB work and Martin went with Mark and Christine to complete his Dive Leader skills.

As we all met up again in the car park we all agreed that we needed some warmer water next time, fingers crossed. Mark came away with a list of further repairs to be done, however it was great to get kitted up and back in the water after a winter lay off and we were all smiling…..yeah!

Congratulations go out to Geoff and Martin for now becoming Dive Leaders.



See you all soon. Janine

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  1. Geoff says:

    A big thankyou to the Aquanauts and in particular Mark, Janine and Christine for supporting me up to dive leader. Feeling proud 🙂

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