Farne Islands April 2020

Hi all you Aquanauts, this will be a trip report with a difference!


The difference being that all dive trips are cancelled currently due to the Coronovirus. However, I didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to remind us all of some of the fantastic trips we have shared with William Sheil and the crew’s of  the Glad Tidings and will be looking forward to returning to the sea’s as soon as this lockdown is over.


Here are just a few images of the dive sites and some of the divers I have had the pleasure of diving with. I will apologise if your image is not included but please feel free to add to our web site or Facebook page.


Glad Tiding 7




Farne Islands


Hitching a ride

Recognise that Mark?

Gun Rock

Shag on the rocks.

Piper Gut

WANTED to go diving as soon as possible.


I was hoping for more under water images of you guy’s but they already available if you look back through the old dive logs.

I hope this has made you smile and are keeping your dive gear in ready mode, not long now we hope.


Take care all. Janine

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