May 2020 Eyemouth

Alright, so we have another trip postponement but we can still look at some previously unseen footage from past trips to Bonny Scotland. Enticement for some new comers’ we hope and reflection for others’, I know I enjoyed looking through the photo’s again. Please enjoy.

On Silver Sky heading up to Mark’s favourite site, Fastcastle.

Thinking of lunch…squat lobster.

Guess who Mark was diving with?

Social distancing in 2018 only Mark, Val, Geoff and me on the boat, plus Jim, the skipper. Who knew?

Bird Rock, be glad this is not smelly vision.

Fantastic scenery and dive locations, day 1 up to Fastcastle but no Wolf fish sadly. Then back to a wreck on the Hurcars.

Day 2 to Pettico wick to dive the peanut boat, brilliant viz.

Boiler, closer inspection required.

Geoff also wants a closer look.

Val, our wildlife photographer.

We have also visited sites like Burnmouth Caves, Skellies, Tyne Tunnel and Anemone Ridge. Now I’m not showing you this to say “look what we are missing out on”, I hope it’s more “look what we are going to do later”.


Take care all and looking forward to meeting you all again soon.




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