Scarborough 27th June 2020

Great to see so many Aquanauts turn out, for some their first sea dive and others to test kit or even their first dive of the year.

Suzanna has put lots of photo’s on the Face Book chat group but in case you didn’t see yourself topside I’ll tell you the dive groups.

Christine, Janine, Jonna and Thomas

Geoff, Stuart and Cate

Val and Johnny D

and Mark with Liam.

Some of us had been on the Tuesday evening when the tide was high, the sea was calm and the vis was exceeding 5 metres. What can I say, we scheduled a club trip on the strength of the dive on Tuesday but between times the weather had had a little easterly blow, churning the sand up and making the viz quite low, as demonstrated in the photo.


We all managed about a 35 minute dive and spotted a variety of crabs and winkles. Mark saw a weaver and a flattie but not taken any pictures….does it still count?

Just as the last pair were exiting the water the Red Arrows flew past, in commemoration of Armed Forces Day.


Fantastic morning, despite the viz, and home in time for lunch. Job done. Hope to see you all again in the water soon.



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