Scarborough 22nd July 2020

Nice little evening shore dive, the weather, tide and sea state were just perfect.

Quite a spectator sport too, by the looks of things.

On lookers.

Quite a bit going on as Christine was trying her new BCD, Thomas was trying his new dry suit and it was Chloe’s first go in the sea.

Brave girl, no hood or gloves!

Just a steady fin along the rock wall, lots of shore crab, an edible crab and a lovely flounder, a mackerel was spotted but too quick for a snap….did it exist?

Shore crab.

Edible crab (though too small to take)


Amongst the rocks and boulders we saw an array of different coloured grasses and weed and a most peculiar ?plant protruding from the sea bed. Gold star for the first one to find out what is was.


Nice 30 minute dive, 14 degree and around 4 to 5 metre viz.

Some audience participation with the junior section once we were out of the water.

New junior section being coached by Mum

Water baby.

Plenty more cockles and limpets for us to visit next time. 

Bye for now. Janine


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