26th July 2020 Farne Islands.

Do we get bored of going to the Farne Islands?…………never.

Every trip brings something new for everyone, as in this case. William was unable to put us on one of the hard boats, as they were fully booked, so we were on board Ocean Explorer, only 5 this week so plenty of space to fit us on.

Ocean Explorer.

Some of us have been on the RHIB before so we knew what to expect while it was Chole’s first time at the Farnes and she was in for the ride of her life, quite literally as things turned out.

After securing all of the kit we had a quick blast and arrived just to the north of the Hopper. The tide was running a bit but Alan was sure we could enter one of the gullies and not be troubled by current.

Martin, Mark and Chloe kitted up first and with a roll over backwards they soon started their decent, the viz looked great as Chis and I began our preparations and soon we entered the water.  At the bottom of the wall we were greeted by some stunning Ballan Wrasse again and the area appeared to open into a type of cull de sac or cavern, we could see about a strong 8 metres in places.

Ballan Wrasse.

After a good explore we spotted dahlia anemone, jewel anemone and others festooned amongst the dead men fingers, sun stars and sea urchins’.

Dahlia anemone.

Jewel anemone.

Sun star.

As we were coming out of the cavern there was a huge boulder, home to a very large cod and all I could think of was that it would make a couple of nice fillet’s with chips!

Sadly the current picked us up and carried us away on a steady drift but as it wasn’t tailing off and it was taking us a bit deeper we decided to call it off and head home. Back on the surface we could see Alan waiting for us and the other 3 were already onboard. Chloe told us of all of her first experiences, first dive at the Farnes first RHIB, backwards entry and drift. She was in very safe hands though with her Dad and Granddad watching over her.

Martin and Chloe.


Alan took us to Wame Hole for our second dive, like a mill pond, and he assured us there would be plenty to see. Another first for all of us, as there is only Ocean Explorer able to enter the sheltered bay at low water.

“Think my ar.e is wet” “Oh not again!”

The sea bed was home to a lot of kelp but that is where the tiny Nudibranch can be found and in abundance.

Tiny Nudibranch

There was a lot of the common yellow and white species but Chris found another type floating in the water but I couldn’t get a picture. Chloe and Martin were seen being entertained by the small hermit crabs, scuttling along and trying to oust their rival to gain the better shell.

Small hermit crab.

The bay was also peppered with small jelly fish, but with very long tentacles but they seemed to drift out of our way

Jelly fish.

Time to go home.

We all had a fabulous time and Alan was ready to give us all a hand to board the boat again and told us that a young seal pup had been hanging around the entrance of the bay while we were under water, shame it didn’t want to come and play, maybe next time. We stored kit away and had time for a cuppa before we were jetted over the water back to the steps. Phew thank heavens there were a couple of strong fella’s around to carry my kit back up!!!! Thank you.

More seals next time we hope.


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