Shore Dive 4th August 2020

Another little evening dive at Scarborough to check all kit prior to the planned Farne Island trip, booked on Sunday 9th August.

Some suit repairs had been made, due to leaking seams and worn neck seals, and as the tide and weather were favourable again we decided to go after tea on Tuesday.

Mark, Christine and Chloe teamed up and Val and Darren were the other divers.

After some weight adjustments they were finally off, quite entertaining standing on shore cover watching the DSMB’s bobbing along. However sadly no photo’s as I wasn’t diving.

I was also chatting with some fishermen who were drawing a blank that day but I was able to tell them of what we had spied over the previous dives.

As the divers were returning to base I was intrigued to hear of what they spied under water, lots of crabs was the reply which fitted in with the fisherman’s tale of bait being stripped off their fishing hooks.

They each enjoyed a dive of about 4 metre depth with viz reportedly similar to previous dives at the site at 4 metre but still only 12 degrees, needs to be a bit warmer before we consider wet suits I think! All set for the weekend now, all suits pass muster.

Happy diving everyone.



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