About us

We are the Selby Aquanauts and are a friendly dive club based in Selby North Yorkshire. We are affiliated to the Sub Aqua Association (SAA) which is a UK dive organisation. The SAA are different to PADI and other dive organisations because they are a club based community diving organisations, are not for profit and all the training is provided locally and regionally by experienced dive trainers, which is usually free of charge.

We dive the waters of the UK and beyond. Started over fifteen years ago, the club was formed by a core of divers who wanted to break away from the world of PADI and BSAC and start a club for divers which was run by divers. We are part of the SAA which is one of the most respected diving organisations in the world.
Joining the club means you get access to a wealth of diving knowledge, experience, loan equipment as well as a comprehensive training programme which is provided by volunteers at the club. The training is flexible, free and is considered to be the best in the world.

The club organises regular diving days, weekends and longer trips. You would be surprised what you can find and dive in the UK, ask a club member.

We meet weekly to socialise and plan diving as well as help new members and trainees with their development.

For more information contact Mark on 07831 295655 or email info@selbyaquanauts.org.uk.