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If you’re interested in learning to dive, the SAA is the place to do it. To learn why, take a look through the website and see just why we are proud to be SAA divers.

To find out more about joining you can either ring Mark on 07831 295655 or email

Are you already a diver with another organisation? Or even an instructor? Just look through the crossover charts and see how easy it is to join us. We promise, you won’t regret it…

Trained diver already?

Refer to the table below to check your equivalent SAA Diver grade.


Already an Instructor?

We welcome Instructors trained by other agencies exactly as we welcome divers. The difference is that all Instructor cross overs are done centrally by the National Diving Officer.

All that is asked is that you meet the same criteria as SAA Instructors need for the relevant Instructor grade. This means holding the appropriate SAA diver grade (crossed over by the Club Diving Officer or National Diving Officer) and any other criteria such as holding any necessary SAA qualifications.