Diver Training

Joining the Selby Aquanauts opens the door to fun and exciting UK diving as well as a wealth of diver knowledge and a comprehensive training programme. SAA training is considered to be the best in the world and unlike other diver training programmes, it is completely free. The training is provided by experienced divers within the club who have been trained themselves to a level where they are able to pass on their knowledge and expertise.

Our training begins at the swimming pool at Selby Leisure Center.
At the pool you will learn new skills in the safety of shallow water. You will be helped along the way by our trained and professional diver trainers who will give you the support and guidance you need to learn safely. From there you will be taught in a classroom environment where you gain the knowledge you will need to become a safe diver. Throughout you will be supported and guided by friendly and professional trainers who are fully insured and CRB/DBS checked.

SAA diver training provides you with both the theoretical knowledge and the practical experience to take you all the way from a trainee diver up to the highest possible diving qualification.

An Elementary Diver Trainee will complete their pool and classroom training with qualified SAA instructors, before progressing to open water. The open water training will be carried out by a qualified SAA Open water diving instructor (or above) to a maximum depth of 10m.

An Open Water Diver has attained the Elementary Diver qualification, and gained additional practical diving experience within the safety of their club. They can now dive under the supervision of a Dive leader or above, to depths up to 20m.

A Club Diver is qualified to dive in open water and may dive with others certified to Club Diver or higher. A Club Diver may dive to a maximum depth of 35m.

A Dive Leader has additional practical experience and knowledge, and has proven their ability to lead divers underwater. A Dive Leader may dive to a maximum depth of 50m (current maximum depth for sport diver on air).

A Dive Supervisor is an experienced and responsible diver, with a proven ability to organise and lead diving expeditions.

A National Diver is a diver who has been, through nationally organised assessments, proven to have a higher level of knowledge and ability. A National Diver is able to organise a group of divers to achieve major tasks and projects underwater.


You will learn in a structured way at your own pace with instructors who hold internationally recognised qualifications, The emphasis is on safe, thorough training in a friendly club atmosphere with volunteer instructors who provide training for the love of the sport, not for profit.